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Here is our brief guide to Van Insurance terminology

Third Party only cover is the minimum level of van insurance cover required by law and contains no cover for damage to your vehicle. It usually covers your legal liability for:

  • Injuries to other people.
  • Damage to other persons’ property.
  • Accidents caused by your passengers or a driver named on your policy.
Third Party Fire & Theft cover provides the same level of cover as Third Party only cover, but also protects you against damage to your van from Fire, or Theft/Attempted Theft of the vehicle.
The highest level of van insurance cover which usually covers you for:

  • Accidental damage to your van.
  • Fire damage and/or theft/attempted theft.
  • Windscreen and Windows.
  • Injuries to other persons.
  • Damage to other persons’ property.
  • Breakdown assistance.
  • The use of a trailer, while attached to your van.
  • Medical expenses, up to a stated limit.
  • Loss of or damage to personal effects in the van, up to a stated limit.
  • Policy features will vary between insurers so always check them before you buy.
The majority of insurers don’t offer this as a standard policy feature, so make sure you’re covered before getting behind the wheel of someone else’s van. When it is included, you usually get Third Party only cover.
An accident or loss where you are considered to be to blame, or where you or your insurance company cannot recover costs from somebody else. Remember, if your van is hit while parked, by someone who cannot be traced, this counts as a fault claim.
With a non-fault claim your insurer is able to recover the cost of the claim from someone else.
The total amount the insurance company will pay out for your van if it’s damaged beyond repair. This will either be the amount you stated the vehicle was worth when taking out the policy or the current market value at the time of the claim – whichever is lower.

At Aaran Insurances, with access to a variety of Insurers, we can find a policy which best suits your needs in terms of cover and cost.

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